Buamaa hides a mystery box in Dil Boley Oberoi


Buamaa asks Anika and Gauri not to worry about the functions. She gifts them bangles. She asks them to wear the bangles by their husband’s hands. Anika asks Omkara to do the ritual with Gauri. Omkara does not want to do the ritual. Gauri wears the bangles herself and gets hurt. Omkara cares for her. Omkara asks Gauri to be careful while wearing bangles. They have a sweet moment. Gauri realizes Omkara has started caring for her.

Gauri gets to hear Buamaa talking to her son. She spies and sees Buamaa’s mystery box. Buamaa wants to bring her son back in the world. Buamaa’s evil motives will be seen. Buamaa lies to Gauri. Gauri gets doubtful about her.

Meanwhile, Anika impresses Shivay by her understanding and sensibility. Shivay is sure that none can break his family when Anika is around. Anika values family and relations. She does not want Shivay to know Pinky is doing all this. She can’t see Shivay breaking down by his belief shattering. She thinks of clearing Pinky’s misunderstandings and prove out that she is not separating Shivay and Pinky. Shivay completes the ritual by making Anika wear the bangles. They have a romantic moment. Pinky traps Anika by mocking a call and making Anika hear her fake plan. Anika realizes Pinky is planning something against her. She thinks to set the things right before Shivay learns the matter.


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