Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka: Anjali is getting separated from Vikram. She does not have any regrets. She is very happy. She makes Vikram and his family leave from the house. She does not feel bad that she got divorced. She has got the house in alimony. Vikram has named all his property to Anjali. He tells Anjali that he is leaving from the house, all this does not matter to him, for Anjali, money is everything, but for him love and relations are important. Piyush comes and sees Anjali. He takes Vikram and his family along. Anjali says now I will stay here with peace, there won’t be any drama and arguments now. Vikram tells Anjali that time will show what he is losing and what she is losing, but till she understands, it will be too late.


Ajay gets to know Vivaan and Ragini are behind Bhaiya ji’s madness. He has joined hands with Chakor. They meet and make the plan to stop Vivaan and Ragini’s business. Chakor says we should the supplier of raw materials first. Ajay praises her smartness. He says I will find out the gun supplier at the check post. Ajay tells Chakor that they should hit Ragini’s business, than telling Bhaiya ji that Ragini is making him mad. Ajay stops Chakor. Suraj gets to see them. Ajay tells Chakor that he will soon seize the guns material truck.


Kunal comes to Karan and wants to lighten his heart. Karan asks Kunal to say for what he has come. He does not have habit to see Karan in his room. He says I don’t know how to react. Kunal apologizes to him for his mistake. Karan taunts him. Kunal does not care of his bitterness. He says dad always praised me and you would have felt bad, but I knew mom has always loved you, because of your illness, I should have become your strength, I always made fun of you, I failed to do a brother’s duty. Kunal thinks Karan has made Naina away from him by his wish. He asks Karan to forgive him. He sees Karan missing Naina.


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