Piyush attempts to break alliance again in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Dipika goes to Piyush’s dad’s shop and offers help. He does not want her to work. Dipika works at his shop and picks the sacks. The marriage broke by some misunderstandings. Dipika wanted to show her goodness to Piyush’s dad. The goons tease Dipika. Piyush’s dad gets angry seeing the eve teasers. He beats up the goons. Piyush’s dad has saved Dipika. He has decided that just Dipika will become his bahu. Everyone is happy.

Dipika’s good intentions have got her acceptance. Piyush’s dad acts dramatic. Dipika does not know Piyush loves her best friend Sarika. If she knows, she will backout from the marriage. Sarika does not love Piyush. Piyush acts to be happy with the alliance. He thinks to make some plan to break the marriage. Will Piyush break Dipika’s heart? Keep reading.



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