Priyanka to marry Ranveer in Dil Boley Oberoi


Rudra meets Bhavya. She asks him to stay away, else it will be big thing. She says it’s not allowed for me to talk to strangers. He likes her simplicity. He wants to keep talking to her. She sheds tears. Rudra asks her to come for coffee date. He asks her why does she always cry. Bhavya tells him that she has no friends. Rudra decides to meet her again. Bhavya calls commissioner and informs that Rudra is trapped in their plan. Rudra does not know Bhavya is using him. Rudra gets after Bhavya. He goes to use his charm on her. Bhavya acts ignorant in front of him. Rudra sends her friend. He tries his magic on Bhavya, but gets trapped by Bhavya.

On the other hand, Kamini asks Ranveer to do as she says. Ranveer tells her that none of her plans work. She asks him does he really love Priyanka while doing the drama. She asks him to forget Priyanka and just remember the revenge. She makes him emotional and convinces him. Anika keeps an eye on Pinky. Pinky grows her doubt. Anika goes to find Pinky. She wonders what’s Pinky’s plan. Priyanka marries Ranveer, and comes home, much to everyone’s shock. Pinky plans to blame Anika for Priyanka’s marriage step.


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