Thrilling twists in Chandrakanta and Virendra’s lives


Marich has swapped Shivdutt and Virendra 25 years ago. Marich’s planning has changed everyone’s fate. Virendra’s mum tried to stop him. Marich runs away with Virendra. She got a shock and could not even shout. Shivdutt is Marich’s son. Virendra’s mum will be getting her voice back. She comes out of coma after 25 years. Virendra is leading a poor life because of Marich’s conspiracy. Chandrakanta and Virendra have fallen in love, but they both are scared to confess their love because of their bad fates.

Virendra and Chandrakanta’s past moments and their romance will be seen. They have a beautiful moment. They have crossed hurdles and came closer. Marich and Shivdutt will be posing new hurdles for them. Virendra will be losing his father Surendra Singh. Virendra cries when his father dies in his lap. Chandrakanta is blamed for his death. Shivdutt has hypnotized Chandrakanta and got this murder done. The twists will be thrilling. New chapters will be opening up.


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