Naira manages to end Dadi’s annoyance in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Manish are coming close, while being away from home on a business trip. Kartik realizes Manish still cares for him. Naira waits for Kartik’s call. Naksh and family congratulate Naira for the dance academy permission given by Dadi. Naina starts her practice while cooking. Dadi stays upset, but everyone try to cheer her. Naira decides to make Dadi happy by managing the Brahman bhoj. She talks to Kartik. Kartik apologizes to her. She tells him about Dadi’s annoyance. They have a long video chat and imagine a fairy tale sequence. Kartik and Naira’s romance will be seen as part of a dream.

Kirti is happy that Manish and Dadi are supporting her. Naksh and everyone wait for dancers and Naira to come home. Naksh does all the preparations for dance practice. Naira does arrangements of Brahman bhoj. She cooks food for Brahmans. She impresses Dadi telling about Brahman bhoj. Dadi gets aback seeing the dancers. Naira tells Dadi that its misunderstanding, the dancers were called at Singhania house. Brahmans arrives at the same time. Dadi gets tension. Naira relieves Dadi’s tension by treating Brahmans well. Brahmans suggest Naira to purify the house before the bhoj. Naira apologizes to them. Suwarna and Dadi believe that Naira has become a part of their family now. Surekha also praises Naira for managing everything alone. Naira worries as she did not arrange the gifts and Dakshina for Brahmans. Suwarna helps her out. Dadi gets glad that Goenka family tradition did not break.


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