Kokila to outdo Sameera’s plans in Saathiya


Ricky gets Sameera downstairs. Sameera asks him to leave her and pushes him. Ricky falls down. He asks her to get out of the house. Kokila does aarti ouja and hears them shouting. He asks her does she think she is smart. Sameera scolds him and says no girl can stay with you. Ricky gets angry and goes to slap her. They have a fight. Kokila comes and stops Ricky from slapping Sameera. Everyone witness Ricky and Sameera’s arguments. Kokila tells Sameera can think anything about me, but I can’t see anyone raising hand on my bahu, the man who raises hand on a woman is weak and coward. She says if you try to slap Sameera, I will break your hand. She asks him to leave. Ricky goes away. Kokila stops their fight.

Sameera surrenders in front of Kokila. She realizes she is wrong and did bad with Kokila. Sameera thanks Kokila for supporting her when she has insulted the family again and again. She holds Kokila’s feet and apologizes to her. She says you have saved me today and showed your big heart, I don’t want to leave from here, I want to have a good married life, I will do as you say. Kokila says its good Sameera has changed. Kokila hugs Sameera and forgives her. Sameera smiles and fools Kokila by her drama.


Kokila is also smart. She knows Sameera is planning something. She is showing fake love to Sameera only to know her plans. Kokila understands person’s nature can’t change so soon. She tells Sameera that she will protect her. Kokila’s sight is sharp. She tells Sita that Sameera thinks she will make me lose in this game, if she played a game, I have also played a game with her, I will make her lose. Sameera is trying to make Kokila emotional. Ricky is supporting Sameera, as he wants his property back from Modis. What is Sameera upto now? Keep reading.


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