Nandkishore to lay a new trap for Sharda in Swabhimaan


Minister tells Sharda about Nandkishore’s wrong activities. He gives the evidence file to Sharda. Sharda is worried to get Nandkishore’s case. She gets invited by Nandkishore. She heads to meet Nandkishore. Nandkishore makes tea for Sharda. He treats her well. He has called Sharda home and welcomes her with humbleness. He has always been against Sharda. He shows his new side. He asks her how did she get late, he was thinking she would not come by his invitation. Sharda and Nirmala get surprised that Nandkishore is making the tea for Sharda. He asks Sharda to have tea, maybe she won’t have tea later. He tells Sharda that she is lucky that her daughters respect her a lot. He asks her to take rest as she has travelled long.

Nandkishore’s behavior looks strange to them. Sharda meets her daughters. She hugs Meghna and Naina. They are happy to meet their mum. Nandkishore says I will drop Sharda to the guest room. Meghna and Naina are happy seeing Sharda getting respect in their inlaws. He is planning something to trouble Sharda. Her Swabhimaan is in danger again. Nandkishore asks Sharda to stay in his house. What motives does Nandkishore has? Keep reading.


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