Virendra to have trust issues in Chandrakanta


Virendra’s truth has come out in front of everyone. His crowning ceremony is done. Virendra has become the prince of Navgarh. Chandrakanta and Virendra are coming close. They are spending moments of love. None can separate them now. Virendra can’t believe the moments are true. He says I did not know the meaning of love, I m not habitual to get love, much love is showered on me, I did not see love since childhood and just got cheated by all relations, I don’t know if I can trust relations again, Marich has cheated me so badly that I lost belief in all relations.

Virendra always believed in Marich and did what Marich commanded him. Chandrakanta tells him that he should not let his belief break by one deceive. She asks him to have trust in relations. Virendra shows his grief and gets away from him. She understands him limiting his love confession. She says maybe you have no heart and teases him. They have a romantic scene. Chandrakanta pacifies him. She expresses her love to him. She tells him that now she has his heart. Everything got normal for them.


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