Aditya makes a devious plan in Yeh Rishta…


Naira impresses Dadi by serving a good bhoj to all the Brahmans. Naira does not know about the gifts. She tells Dadi that she will go to market and get the gifts. Dadi gets worried. Suwarna tells Dadi that she will manage the brahmans till Kirti and Naira return. Naira buys the gifts for Brahmans, and asks Kirti to sit in the car. Kirti waits for Naira in the car, while Naira feels someone is following her. Suwarna and Dadi are happy that Naira did not let their traditions break. Aditya kidnaps Naira and takes her forcibly in his car. Kirti witnesses this and follows Naira. Naira uses her smartness and gets away from Aditya.

Suwarna asks brahmans not to be annoyed and wait till Naira comes home. Brahmans are happy that Naira has made such good food. Suwarna gives the gifts to brahmans to manage the situation. Dadi got the gifts for orphanage. Suwarna tells brahmans that Naira’s thinking is different, Naira has got these gifts for their families. Brahmans gets pleased. Suwarna says maybe Naira got late for some reason. Dadi is upset that Naira did not turn up on time. Suwarna is very much sure that Naira will never intentionally spoil things for the family. She asks Dadi to have some belief in Naira and wait for her to come back home.


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