Teni finds out Vikas’ plotting in Dil Se Dil Tak


Dadi gets the chakki for Shorvori, asking her to rotate Chakki and use it, its good exercise for pregnant women. Shorvori and Teni rotate the Chakki. Teni says it won’t be useful for baby, will baby rotate inside the womb. Teni does not like the work. She asks baby to see how much his parents are making her work before his birth. Parth tells her that baby’s growth happens well and baby’s delivery happens with ease by this Chakki exercise.

She wants to go America. She has same dreams. She is happy that she will be finally going to America. Teni gets worried reading the newspaper. She falls in big problem. Teni gets angry and breaks Vikas’ laptop by jumping over. She gets to know Vikas was blackmailing her and Sejal. She informs Sejal about Vikas. She pours the wine on the laptop. She then burns the laptop. She looks for her necklace which Vikas has stolen. She does not get the necklace and leaves from there.


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