Naira to get arrested in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Aditya gets his anger out on Naira. Naira warns him to secure himself first. Naira challenges him to do anything. Aditya tells him that he will make her bite dust. She does not get scared of him. He is angered when she challenges him. He blames her to be responsible for everything. She scolds him for misbehaving with women. He asks her to imagine what will happen with her. Naira tells him that she is not weak, being a girl. Aditya and Naira get into a heated argument. Naira threatens him.

Naira and Aditya get into a fight. Naira kicks his attitude and ego out of him. Aditya gets raged by getting beaten up by Naira. Aditya catches Kirti to control Naira. He thanks Kirti for coming and making his work easy. Aditya tries to scare Kirti. Naira asks Aditya to stop himself, else he will not get any second chance. Aditya falls down in the pit, by his own misdeeds. Naira and Kirti run and save him.

Manish asks Kartik not to get upset. Manish tries to tell something. Kartik misunderstands him and starts yelling on Manish for making him feel suffocated. He asks Manish not to have many expectations from him. Manish feels insulted in front of his business clients and staff. Kartik tells Manish not to dream anything, as nothing can get fine between them. Manish clears Kartik’s misunderstanding. He asks Kartik to give presentation to clients.

Manish bears his anger silently. Kartik feels awkward and regrets to shout on Manish. Kartik manages the clients. Kartik gets busy in work and could not return home as planned. Kartik and Manish come home the next day. They get news of Aditya’s crime. Naira gets arrested by Aditya’s accusations. Kartik makes efforts to save his lady love.


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