Raman gets clued in about Roshni’s innocence in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New troubles mount up for Raman

Ishita informs Raman about Roshni’s mum blackmailing Roshni by using someone. Raman does not want to know why Roshni did this. He tells her that Roshni broke their family, and now he will never help Roshni. He has seen the result by trusting Roshni and caring for her. Gagan tries to limit Roshni in her house. Roshni’s mum knows everyone will be hating Roshni after her doings. Gagan asks her not to let anyone meet Roshni. Ishita makes a plan to find out Roshni’s truth. Mihika and Bala take disguise and enter Khandpur. They enter Roshni’s house to meet her and know the truth. Mihika asks Roshni’s mum to show some Kailrey. Gagan is blackmailing Roshni’s mum. Bala and Mihika try to find out. They fail to gather any info.

Gagan comes there to threaten Roshni’s mum. Mihika and Bala get to know that Roshni has lied to save her sister’s life, as Gagan is threatening Roshni. Ishita and Raman get to know Roshni’s truth. Raman gets angry on Gagan, who is using Roshni against them. Raman does not want Mihika to fall in risk. Mihika wonders why did Gagan kidnap Roshni’s sister. Bala feels sympathetic for Roshni. Raman does not understand wht judge is lying to frame Adi. They all plan to find Roshni and then help her out. Bala asks Raman to calm down his anger, as it can be risky if Gagan spots them. Raman asks Mihika and Bala to be in touch with him. Raman does not want Gagan to harm Bala and Mihika. Mihika and Bala meet Roshni’s mum again to get entry in her house and know about Roshni. They beg Roshni’s mum to help them. Roshni’s mum helps Mihika and Bala. They continue the drama to send Roshni’s mum away from home, so that they can meet Roshni. Raman keeps an eye on Gagan. They try to reach Roshni and get a clue about her.


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