Neela to break out Dayavanti’s truth in Naamkarann


Avni promises Neil that she will free him from the marriage, as she does not want to trouble him more. She tells him to trust her once, she will leave from his life. Neil wants to teach a lesson to Avni. But, he cares for Avni. He meets Neela and says I have a plan, but you have to tell me about Dayavanti’s past, what happened with you, Aisha and Avni, I promise Dayavanti will herself accept her crime. Neela and Neil talk about Dayavanti’s past. Neil promises to get justice for Avni, being a policeman and Avni’s friend. Neil and Neela make plan against Dayavanti. Neil does not know Dayavanti’s past. Neela tells her how Dayavanti has killed Aisha in the hospital. Neil promises her that he will always stand by Avni.

Avni leaves from Neil’s house. Neil wants to stop Avni. He calls DD and asks him to arrest Neela for attempt to murder. He says Neela has tried to kill Dayavanti. He asks Avni to see Neela once. Avni gets shocked seeing Neela arrested. Neela gets handcuffed and cries. She asks Avni to please stay with Neil for her sake. Avni asks Neil what does he want. Neil asks Avni to come back to his house if she wants to save Neela. Avni agrees. Neela has planned this to secure Avni. Neil does not show Avni that he likes her. He will be helping her without her knowing it. He wants to make her realize that she did wrong to marry him by cheat. Avni returns to Neil’s house along with him. Neil will not tell Avni that he knows everything about her past. He sympathizes with Avni. Avni wins Bebe’s heart by cooking food in her first rasoi rasam. Bebe gives her shagun and is happy with Neil’s wife.


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