Pinky to blackmail Anika in Ishqbaaz


Anika heads to confront Pinky for ruining family respect and Priyanka’s life for making her out of the house. Pinky tells Anika that she hates her a lot and can go to any extent. Anika requests her to stop doing all this. She asks her not to hurt everyone’s heart. She says Shivay will break if he knows you have done this. Pinky says you have tried but Shivay did not trust you. She is proud that Shivay only believes his mum. Anika asks Pinky to change her doings, else she can show the footage to Shivay and expose her. Pinky does not get scared of Anika. She tells Anika that she holds a bigger truth. She threatens Anika that she will tell Shivay his birth truth.

Pinky admits that Shivay is not her son, Shivay and Mahi are twin brothers. She knows the truth that Shivay is illegitimate. Anika gets stunned to know Pinky is holding this secret. Pinky tells Anika that Kamini and Shakti had an affair. Kamini is Shivay and Mahi’s real mother. Pinky uses this truth to stop Anika. She emotionally blackmails Anika about Shivay. She asks Anika to leave from the house. Pinky stoops too low in her hatred. What will Anika do next? Keep reading.


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