Oberois to disapprove Priyanka’s marriage in Ishqbaaz


Anika shatters by Shivay’s anger. She tells Gauri thats Shivay will understand her when his anger calms down. She feels scared to see Shivay’s hatred for her. She does not want to lose her relation. Gauri asks Anika to check the footage again. She helps Anika and tells her about someone at the door. Anika gets a lead. Anika wants to find out who has stopped the door from shutting. She thanks Gauri for helping her. She thinks to prove her truth by the same footage. Anika calls up Rudra to get the footage from his laptop. Rudra guides her. Anika gets surprised seeing someone in the footage. She realizes Gauri has been right in her observation. Anika sees Pinky in the footage. She understands Pinky has done all this.

Shakti is disappointed with Priyanka. He asks Priyanka how did she marry without family consent. Priyanka does not regret to hide the marriage from them. Shivay feels hurt about Priyanka’s behavior. Priyanka asks him to accept Ranveer, if he has accepted Gauri as Omkara’s wife. Jhanvi loses her temper seeing Priyanka’s madness. Shivay worries for Priyanka. Jhanvi asks Priyanka to see her brother’s love and concern. Jhanvi does not want to accept Ranveer. Ranveer calls up Priyanka to meet. Priyanka refuses to put his life in danger. Ranveer shows his crazy love for her. He asks her to come out, else he would step in. Priyanka worries for Shivay’s reaction.


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