Gauri alerts Omkara about Buamaa’s revenge motives


Bhavya and Rudra try to escape from goons. They run away as per Bhavya’s plans. Bhavya gets Rudra to the police station. Commissioner understands her plan. He tells them that they have witnessed a criminal’s encounter, and now their lives are in risk. Rudra gets interrogated by the inspector. He gets frustrated, as he got caught when he is not at fault. Bhavya pities Rudra. Rudra is blindly trusting her, assuming her to be his future wife.

Commissioner praises her for changing her plan and getting Rudra the other way. She does not want to hurt Rudra, as he is innocent. Commissioner is proud of her ethics. Commissioner and Bhavya get details about Rudra’s family background. Bhavya wants to catch a big criminal by using Rudra as the bait. She is doing this for her personal reasons. She plans to enter the Oberoi family and stay with them, without letting Shivay doubt on her. She makes her mind, not to fall weak by staying with Oberois.

Buamaa gets to know that Gauri has seen her with Ratan. She asks Gauri to ask her about Ratan. Buamaa tells Gauri that Ratan was her son. Gauri gets to know entire truth that Ratan died while saving Omkara in childhood. Gauri goes to discuss the same with Omkara. Omkara gets angered thinking Gauri has hurt Buamaa. Gauri alerts Omkara that Buamaa wants to take revenge from him. Omkara does not believe her. Gauri will be finding clues to prove herself right. Will Omkara support Gauri against Buamaa? Keep reading.


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