Naina to exit from Karan’s life in Swabhimaan


Meghna gets a slap by Sharda. Sharda is ashamed and angry. She asks Meghna is it true what she has heard. Nandkishore has played this game and made Sharda against Meghna. Sharda was always proud of Meghna. Sharda got to know that Meghna made Naina out of Karan’s room and separated them. Nandkishore tells Sharda that Meghna and Naina are breaking their house. He wants to show down Sharda and presents the matter in wrong way. Sharda does not know Karan’s allergy truth.

Nirmala supports Meghna and apologizes to Sharda. She says Meghna has done the right thing by walking on the path shown by you, she did not put your self-esteem at stake, Meghna did this being worried for Naina, we did not tell you Karan’s medical illness truth, forgive me, Meghna kept Naina away to secure her. Nirmala fails Nandkishore’s plan. She tells entire truth to Sharda. Sharda feels sorry to slap Meghna.

Nandkishore scolds Nirmala for going against. Dada ji tells them that Nirmala has spoken up at right time and right place. Sharda hugs her daughters and asks Naina if she still wants to live in this house. Naina wants to support Karan forever and stay with him.

Karan asks Naina not to stay with him and go with Sharda, as his illness will never get cured. He wants to free Naina from the marriage. He asks Naina not to challenge him and prove him wrong. Naina tries to explain him. Karan asks her to stay away. Nandkishore says Karan has taken the decision to keep you here or not, he asked you to leave, you can just go. Naina has heard this from Karan many times. She gets heartbroken seeing him angry. She started bonding with him. She knows Karan can’t break his relation so soon, and whatever he said is not the thing he really meant. Karan stays firm on his decision.


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