Rani-Aarti team up against Amit in Mere Angne Mein


Amit dances happily in his haldi. Aarti gets the haldi applied. She expects Rani to do something and stop the function. Amit goes crazy and gets much haldi applied. Everyone dance along Amit. Shivam finds this situation wrong. He understands Aarti does not want to marry. Aarti is unhappy. Amit has threatened Shanti about his life, so everyone agreed to him. Rani makes an abshagun to stop the function. Shanti knows Rani is upto something. She asks Rani to stay away from Aarti. Pari gets the bad smell from haldi. Rani had spoiled the haldi. Amit gets troubled and runs to clean off the haldi. Shanti gets a chance and applies the bad haldi to Nandu’s mum Surekha’s face. Rani and Aarti teamed up to stop the marriage.

Inspector Golu Singh comes to Shanti Sadan on Ashok’s complaint. Golu tells Shanti that Ashok complaint that Amit has done theft at home. He says Amit has stolen Sarla’s jewelry to go on honeymoon. Amit does not accept the blame. Shanti believes Amit. She asks Golu to leave. Golu presents the evidence against Amit. Shanti asks Golu to arrest her instead Amit. Shanti realizes that Amit has really stolen the jewelry. She takes a stick and beats up Amit on his own haldi day. Much drama happens in Shanti Sadan. Amit apologizes to Shanti and Aarti. Will Shanti call off the marriage? Keep reading.



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