Sameera to accuse Sita in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Ricky and Sameera’s drama are never ending. They make a new plan to prove Sita is a liar. Sameera tells Kokila that she will do the jaap in the temple to become their ideal bahu. Kokila was also doing the jaap along with Sameera. Sameera was fooling them by touching their feet and paying respect. They all know Sameera is acting to impress them. Sameera does the jaap and then makes excuse that she will go to her room and continue the jaap for her comfort. Kokila asks her to go if she wants. Sameera heads to her room.

Sita comes home and tells Kokila that Ricky and Sameera were shopping in the market. Kokila asks how can this happen, I have seen her in the room. Sita asks her to check once. Kokila asks Sameera to open the door. Ricky and Sameera manage to come back in the room. Ricky says Sameera got unconscious while doing the jaap. Sameera gets conscious and tells Kokila that she fainted while doing the long jaap. Sameera blames Sita to lie and ruin her efforts. Kokila understands Sameera is acting. Ricky and Sameera think they have fooled everyone and laugh. Sameera wants to break Sita from the family. Kokila and Gopi’s trust on Sita stays firm.


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