Shivdutt succeeds to fulfill revenge in Chandrakanta


Chandrakanta reaches Navgarh palace to talk to Virendra’s dad about Virendra and her relation. She tries to explain him. There comes a mysterious twist. Chandrakanta has killed Virendra’s dad, when he was talking about some tilismi secret. She has stabbed him with a knife and gets the blood on her hands. Virendra’s mum asks her why did she do this, she could have killed her instead.

Chandrakanta and Virendra’s past story is inside a tilismi book. She got to know the past secrets. Virendra comes there and sees his dad dead, and mum crying. He gets to know the crime done by Chandrakanta. He falls in disbelief. Chandrakanta sees the blood in her hand and gets a huge shock. She was hypnotized by Shivdutt to do this murder. Everyone was going on fine between Virendra and Chandrakanta. Shivdutt has succeeded in his revenge motives. This tragedy will separate the lovers again.


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