Shivika’s romance to be seen in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika have a romantic moment. The silence between them breaks. They recreate their old moment. Shivay apologizes to her. He asks her to understand his mental state when Priyanka married a guy like Ranveer. She does not defend herself. Shivay feels sorry to shout on her. He tells her that he knows she is innocent. Anika does not want him to apologize. She just wants to secure him from upcoming sorrow. Shivay and Anika’s romance will be seen.

Priyanka’s marriage drama is going on interesting. Pinky has laid the complete trap for Anika. She forces Anika to ruin Shivay’s happiness, else she will break the truth to Shivay about his illegitimate birth. Anika and Gauri’s marriage functions are going on. Jhanvi is supporting Anika. Pinky hates Anika. She wants to separate Anika and Shivay forever. Anika has called Ranveer home which makes Shivay unhappy. Pinky signs Anika and thinks now its Anika’s last day at home. Surprisingly, Shivay gives Priyanka’s hand to Ranveer. Jhanvi also blesses the newly weds. Priyanka is happy that Shivay has accepted them. Pinky gets a shock when Shivay does not get angry by Anika’s step.


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