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Ghulaam: Veer invites Sarpanch to his casino. Sarpanch comes there along with other panchayat members. Veer says I asked you to come alone, but you got everyone. Sarpanch says they wanted to come along. Veer says you got old, make me wear your Pagdi. Sarpanch scolds him for his huge mistake. Panchayat members point gun at Veer. Veer threatens everyone. Veer gets into an argument with the sarpanch. He asks Sarpanch to either give his pagdi or die. He gets panchayat members on his side by his fear.


Nandkishore is angry and insults Sharda. He asks Sharda did she get these sweets for him. He says I will tell you two things, then tell us why will we have sweets. He tells her that Meghna has made Kunal out of his room, and Naina has left Karan’s room. He asks is this good thing, why shall we have sweets. Meghna did not know everyone knows about Naina leaving Karan’s room. Nandkishore keeps the matter in a dramatic way. He says you found a good way to fool us, you made us eat bitter things by showing sugary things, my dad has got fooled by your Swabhimaan talks, you have spoken great things.


Meera is helpless, being locked inside the mirror room. Vidya looks for Meera everywhere. Meera shouts to her. Vidya does not hear her. Bhavani tells Meera that it’s no use to shout. Bhavani gets fun seeing Meera crying. She says fine, I will ask help for you. She calls out Vidya and asks her to help Meera. She asks Meera to shout and hit head on the mirror, but none can hear her. Meera asks Bhavani to take her out of here. Bhavani laughs on her. Dharam misses Meera. Meera asks Dharam to see her once and get her out. Meera tells Bhavani that she will not leave her once she gets free. Bhavani asks Meera to keep dreaming.


Avni does not know cooking. She cuts the vegetables wrong. Neil makes fun of her. She says you were hurrying to sit in mandap, but did not take any training of kitchen. He asks her to take someone’s help than having a war. Prakash comes to help Avni. Avni tells him that she does not know cooking. Prakash tells her that he has stayed in hostel and knows cooking. He asks her to follow his recipe book and take help from it. He teaches her to make rotis and dish. Avni thanks him. Even then, Avni fails to cook anything good.


Vivaan and Ragini are increasing their tortures. Tejaswini gets the villagers to their office to deliver the guns. They insult Tejaswini. Tejaswini asks them for half day leave for all villagers. Ragini asks in whose marriage is she going that she wants leave. Vivaan says villagers are already working slow, why do you want leave. Ragini says there is no festival happening. Tejaswini says it’s about devotion of villagers, if you stop them from attending puja, they will not be focus in work. She tells them that Chakor has kept the puja. Vivaan and Ragini agree for the puja and permit the leave. Vivaan says puja will happen in haveli lawn, so that villagers are in their clutches. Ragini asks her to go and prepare for puja. Tejaswini blesses them.


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