Raman to expose Gagan in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Gagan catches up Raman, Roshni and Bala. Gagan tries to take revenge for his brother Chandan’s death. He asks his men to burn the house in which Raman and his dear ones are locked. Raman finds a way to save everyone. They all run away. Gagan follows them. Raman and his team gets into a fight with Gagan and his goons. Raman manages to safely leave from Khandpur. Gagan informs Ashok about Raman taking Roshni along. Roshni informs inspector that Adi is totally innocent, and its some trap laid by Gagan.

She tells about her marriage annulment filed. She complains about Gagan, who had kidnapped her sister and blackmailed her for lying about Adi. Inspector arrests Gagan as per her statement. Raman succeeds to expose Gagan. Gagan is dragged in court, where he gets punished for his crimes. Gagan does not let Ashok and Baweja’s name come in picture. Ashok bribes a lawyer to save himself. Adi and Roshni’s marriage annulment gets accepted. His marriage with Aaliya is marked legal. Adi and Aaliya look forward to start a new life. Ishita and Raman decide to support Roshni and her sister. All gets well for Bhallas. Will Ashok accept his defeat? Keep reading.


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