Chandrakanta’s innocence to get known


Virendra has witnessed Chandrakanta’s presence in his palace, when his dad was murdered. Virendra’s mum started hating Chandrakanta for her evil crime. She asks Virendra to do justice with her and punish the person who killed his dad. Virendra is in shock as well, but he has to do a king’s duty. Chandrakanta is blamed for death of Surendra. Chandrakanta’s fate will be decided by Virendra. Someone has played a big conspiracy against her.

Tej Singh blames Virendra’s mum for killing his dad. Virendra gets angry for the wrong blame. Tej Singh says I will present a proof to show you. He calls Chapla who takes Virendra’s mum’s look and attacks Virendra. Virendra could not believe his eyes. Chapla then comes to her real avatar. Tej Singh apologizes and tells Virendra and his mum that Chandrakanta is not wrong, I need some time to prove Chandrakanta innocent. Tej Singh planned this to show its not true what meets their eyes. He asks Virendra to trust Chandrakanta. Virendra asks them to find the truth, and till then Tej Singh and Chapla will stay in the palace. Virendra says if Chandrakanta is wrong, she will be punished.


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