Sanjana to hide a secret in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar’s daughter Sanjana has returned from London. She has left her studies and came back home, because of an incident. Simar knows everything about the incident, while they decide to hide the matter from family.

Police comes to Bharadwaj house. Everyone gets worried expecting any bad news. Sanjana gets too scared seeing police. She drops the pickle jar in tension. Inspector tells them that Piyush applied for passport, and he has just come for verification. Piyush meets the inspector. He gives his identification documents. Inspector leaves. Everyone thinks why Sanjana gets nervous seeing police, what happened with her that she is reacting such a way. Sanjana tells everyone that she would be preparing dinner for them. Sanjana cooks food for everyone. The elders praise Sanjana. Piyush asks Sanjana why did she come home suddenly, when her exams were going on. Sanjana feels afraid to answer. The family asks her what’s the matter scaring her. Sanjana does not reveal anything. Simar makes a story to save Sanjana from everyone’s questions. What is Sanjana hiding? Keep reading.


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