Gauri finds a way to reach truth in Dil Boley Oberoi


Buamaa’s motives get clear that she wants to take revenge from Omkara. She tells Gauri that her son Ratan died many years ago. She says Ratan and Omkara used to go school and play together. She tells her how Ratan died while saving Omkara from sinking. Gauri shatters on knowing this. Gauri understands Buamaa is hiding something about Ratan. Gauri tells Omkara about Buamaa’s motives. Omkara gets angered that she has hurt Buamaa by her questions related to their past. He asks her why did she ask this to Buamaa. Gauri tells him that Buamaa wants to take revenge from him. Omkara does not believe her. Gauri asks Omkara to believe her, Buamaa is angry on him. Omkara claims to know Buamaa well. He asks Gauri not to say anything against Buamaa.

Buamaa stops Omkara from slapping Gauri. She acts kind. She accepts that she has told everything to Gauri how Ratan died. She asks Omkara to bear the punishment for Ratan’s death. Omkara asks her what is she saying. Buamaa asks Omkara to always remain her son. Omkara asks Gauri to see Buamaa’s love. Buamaa wins Omkara’s trust. She meets the fake marriage officers and asks them to pressurize Omkara for staying with Gauri. Gauri apologizes to Omkara. Omkara spots the marriage officers and romances with Gauri. They try convincing that they are really husband and wife. They continue the drama. Gauri finds a way to prove Omkara about Buamaa’s truth. Gauri takes Omkara to Buamaa’s room, where he sees Buamaa preserving Ratan’s memories.


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