Naamkarann – Avni’s Grahpravesh


Neil and family shift to Mehta house. Prakash tries to convince Shweta about welcoming Avni home. Shweta does not accept her as bahu. Prakash tells her that Neil accepted Ananya as his wife. Neil asks Shweta not to do any drama in front of Dadi. Shweta stays firm on his decision. Prakash is happy that Ananya will be happy with Neil. Neil says Ananya will handle the matter and mom’s annoyance. Neil shows his annoyance over the marriage cheat.

Neil tells Avni that it was her decision to marry him, but now if she does not will, she is his wife. He does not want Avni to ruin her life in revenge. He asks her to become a dutiful bahu. Shweta and Bebe welcome Avni home. Neil and Avni’s Grahpravesh happens. Avni unwillingly steps in her new life with Neil. She worries when the grahpravesh does not happen well. Bebe asks Neil to lift Ananya and get her inside the house.

Neil goes to Avni and helps her out in getting ready. He finds Avni upset. Avni does not want to keep marriage. Neil finds a way to convince Avni by using Neela. Neela asks Neil to give love to Avni and calm the storm going on in Avni’s heart. Neil promises Neela of getting justice for Avni.


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