New problems crop up for Adi and Aaliya in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Roshni gets upset when she fails in the entrance exams. Ishita asks Roshni to prepare well next time and not worry. She promises to help Roshni study and perform better next time. Adi and Aaliya leave for airport. Everyone miss them. Ishita sees Roshni depressed. Mrs. Bhalla asks Roshni not to get heartbroken, as hardwork never goes waste. Roshni determines to work harder. Adi and Aaliya return home. Their honeymoon gets cancelled by Aaliya’s documentation problem. Aaliya gets sad. Adi and family explain Aaliya not to worry. Shagun gets angry when Mrs. Bhalla compares Aaliya with Roshni. Shagun argues with the family.

Aaliya and Shagun apologize to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita manages the situation. The women end their annoyance. Raman has a good news for everyone. He tells everyone about Adi winning a new project because of his hardwork in Khandpur project. Adi prepares to go for his presentation. Ishita helps him out. Aaliya and Ishita’s choice differs, Aaliya suggests him to wear something else. Raman asks Ishita not to get upset by Aaliya’s behavior. He asks her not to interfere in Adi’s life as Adi is married man now. Raman fears Ishita’s interference can spoil Adi and Aaliya’s relation. Adi and Aaliya get into a fight because of Ishita. Aaliya starts misunderstanding Ishita.


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