Nisha returns in Aditya’s life in Woh Apna Sa


There was much drama about Nisha leaving the house. Kakasa and Kakisa wait for Nisha, but did not know she will show her new colors. Aditya and Jhanvi reach home and enter the house, symbolizing their togetherness. Aditya did not know everyone is waiting for Nisha.

Nisha takes her new avatar and returns home with dhol nagada. Nisha plans her re-entry home. She welcomes herself in her inlaws. Aditya and Jhanvi get a shock seeing Nisha. Nisha has used her children to come home. Aditya is helpless as his children want their mum back. He knows Nisha is bad and can do anything, but he has accepted this situation. Aditya and Jhanvi cry as their love story is left incomplete. Jhanvi understands Aditya’s situation and forgives him. She supports Aditya. Aditya gets drunk and stumbles. He has much sorrow within. He shares is emotions with Jhanvi. Jhanvi is also hurt seeing him and cries. Nisha has shattered them emotionally.



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