Avni to get tensions by Bebe’s entry in Naamkarann


Avni does not know cooking. She cuts the vegetables wrong. Neil makes fun of her. She says you were hurrying to sit in mandap, but did not take any training of kitchen. He asks her to take someone’s help than having a war. Prakash comes to help Avni. Avni tells him that she does not know cooking. Prakash tells her that he has stayed in hostel and knows cooking. He asks her to follow his recipe book and take help from it. He teaches her to make rotis and dish. Avni thanks him. Even then, Avni fails to cook anything good.

Next, DD comes to help her out. DD does not want Bebe to get angry. DD gets the food from hotel. Avni serves the hotel food to Bebe. Neil asks Avni how did she get hotel food for Bebe, does she think she can become Bebe’s favorite bahu by cheat. Avni tells him that DD worries for her and got the food from hotel. She taunts him as he does not worry for her. Bebe gets impressed by Avni. She scolds Shweta in front of Avni. She tells Avni to get warm haldi milk for her. Bebe shows trust in Avni. She tells Avni that she has taught everything to Shweta, but Shweta does not learnt anything till now. Bebe asks Avni to call Shweta as Maa, not aunty.

Avni is unhappy with the marriage. She has taken the step for Mehta house. She wants to get out of the marriage, but Neil and Neela are not letting her do so. She calls Ali and lightens her heart. Avni is troubled by Bebe’s expectations. She tries keeping Bebe happy. Avni gets hurt in the kitchen. Neil worries for her and does the aid. He realizes Avni’s efforts for his family.


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