Suraj to land in lockup in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj recall their old arguments, how they used to live in the haveli when they were together as husband and wife. A sweet flashback scene will be scene. Chakor and Suraj clean the house. Chakor sneezes and catches dust allergy. She falls in Suraj’s lap. The couple has an eyelock. She sneezes over him. He drops her down. They have an argument. She asks him why did he drop her. He complains about her sneeze. She says I m having allergy with the dust.

Suraj wraps her in a huge blanket. She asks him to leave her, what is he doing. He makes her wear a helmet to cover her face. She says I don’t want your helmet. She gets angry. He says now you will be totally safe. She feels suffocated. He says now you will not get affected even by any storm, just think my strong hands won’t be always present to save you always. She calls him mad.

Meanwhile, Imli gets informed that Suraj is in police station. Suraj gets drunk and creates a scene in the village. As a result, he lands in lockup. Imli comes to help out Suraj, when he was expecting Chakor to come to free him. Suraj gets sad seeing Imli.


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