Ali and Avni plan an escape in Naamkarann


Ali comes to meet Avni outside Neil’s house. Avni cries and hugs Ali. Shweta and Bebe get to see Ali and Avni hugging and create big drama. They ask Avni why is she hugging Ali. Neil comes to her rescue. Neil tells Bebe that Ali is Ananya and his best friend, Ananya is just greeting Ali. Neil manages to save Avni from Bebe’s anger. Avni shares her problems with Ali. Ali asks Avni to be ready to run away from Neil’s house. He makes a plan and tells her to leave out of the house along with Neil by some excuse, and then he will take her away any how.

Neil and Avni leave from home. Neil’s car tyre gets punctured. Neil gets down the car to check the tyre. He sees the nails on the road. Ali and Avni made this plan to run away. Ali teases Neil and signs him to enjoy his surprise. Avni has left everything and has run away with Ali. Ali takes Avni on his bike. Neil sees them and tries to follow. He determines to stop Avni from leaving from the city.


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