Bhavya to fall for Rudra in Dil Boley Oberoi


Rudra takes Bhavya along with him. They leave for Mumbai. He does not want her to bore him. He suggests they should talk and pass time on their long journey. Bhavya does not reveal any of her plans. Rudra expects his car to break down, so that he gets a chance to romance. His car really breaks down. Bhavya thinks he is joking. Rudra tells her that his car really stopped. She asks him why did he say negative. Rudra pulls her leg. He puts efforts to fix the car. They get caught by the goons.

Rudra defends Bhavya and states she is his wife. Bhavya asks goons to leave, as Rudra has already got scared. Goons tell her that they are not hired by anyone. She realizes the goons are real. Bhavya does not want to depart from her mum’s last sign, her ring. Rudra asks her not to give it. He gives his costly watch and insults the goons. Rudra saves Bhavya from the goons. Rudra gets into a heroic fight with the goons. Bhavya gets to see his action hero side and gets impressed. Rudra boasts of himself. Bhavya and Rudra have a moment. Bhavya starts falling for Rudra.


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