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Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Piyush and Dipika are getting engaged. Dipika gives the drink to Piyush. His brother also get one drink for Piyush. Dipika says let Piyush drink this one. They argue. Cold drink falls on Piyush. Dipika gets glad and asks him to have the kurta which she chose for him. Dipika is coming close to Piyush. Dipika swears that she will lose weight. Can Piyush find happiness in this relation?

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya and Abhi are caught by Aaliya. A goon takes selfie with Abhi as his wife is Abhi’s great fan. Abhi gets to see Pragya behind. The track brings humor and usual arguments of Pragya and Abhi. They still have sweet moments. Abhi’s hunger calms by the imaginary food fed by Pragya. They romance without caring where they are. Pragya tells Abhi about the goons who keep an eye on her always, so it was tough to run away. She asks him to find some good plan to run away.


Its Vardaan’s birthday celebrations. Vardaan reacts angrily by the misunderstanding. He was doubting on Devanshi, when she lied to him. She was hiding Menka’s Bua’s matter from him, but Kusum and Mohan make Vardaan suspicious that Devanshi is having an affair. Vardaan sees Devanshi with someone. He asks her the truth, and she lies to him again. Vardaan loses his cool and gets too angry on Devanshi. Ishwar stops Vardaan from hurting Devanshi. Devanshi did not see Vardaan’s such avatar till now and gets a shock.

Chandrakanta: Virendra and Tej Singh can’t believe that Chandrakanta can kill Surendra. Tej Singh says I m not sure that Chandrakanta has killed Surendra, but we can’t deny this fact as she was present there at the time of murder. Virendra says I have seen the blue marks on Surendra’s neck as if someone has poisoned him. Virendra will be finding his dad’s real murderer. Virendra meets Chandrakanta. She tries to explain him that she is innocent, she was there, but she did not do anything. She asks him to trust her. Virendra promises her that he will do justice. He tells her that he has to do a king’s duty.

Jaat Ki Jugni:
Munni has broken Bittu’s heart by rejecting his love. Bittu can’t believe Munni has left him alone. He asks her why can’t she love him if he loves her. Munni does not permit herself to fall in love. Bittu’s love story gets incomplete. His heart gets hurt hearing her words. She says we don’t have any future together. He tells her not to worry, his love will not come in her way ever. Munni does not want to fall in love. Bittu unites lovers, and did not expect Munni will reject him. He feels upset and ashamed. Bittu pours water on the wall and wipes their names off. Munni cries seeing Bittu’s love and pain. She can’t take her decision. She does not want Bittu to stay in front of her.


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