Aaliya to surprise Bhallas in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Everyone praise Aaliya for managing house duties so well. Everyone like the breakfast prepared by Aaliya. Raman does not want to accept that he is getting old. He gets tired by jog and still acts fresh. Ishita tells Aaliya about Adi’s likes. Aaliya does not want Ishita to cook for Adi. Adi likes the food prepared by Aaliya. Ishita is happy seeing Aaliya keeping everyone happy. Raman jokes on Ishita who is much free all day. Ishita wants to stay at home to help out Aaliya. Raman asks her not to be commanding and controlling. Aaliya does not want Ishita’s help. She succeeds in all the work. Raman says Aaliya has managed everything so well, Ishita will lose the challenge. Ishita does not have much work at clinic too.

Mrs. Bhalla calls Ishita and tells her about Aaliya’s Mu dikhai rasam. Ishita gets glad that she finally has something to do. Adi calls up Aaliya, while she prepares for Mu dikhai rasam. Adi asks Aaliya to be ready for their dinner date. He suggests her to wear any nice dress, instead saree. She tells about the rasam kept at home. He asks her to manage it somehow. Adi suggests her to talk to Ishita about their plans. Aaliya does not feel the need to share their plans, and thinks to manage both functions on her own.


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