Anika makes memories with Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Pinky gets glad on learning Anika is not at home. She feels Anika has left home. Anika seeks help from Tia. Tia agrees to help Anika and Shivay. Everyone does not know where did Anika go. Pinky talks negative about Anika. Shivay thinks to find Anika. The family worries for Anika. Anika gets Gauri for sangeet. She tells Shivay that she did not see his calls. Anika tells everyone about her special surprise in sangeet. Shivay tells Anika that his breath stops when she goes away from his sight. He can’t live without her. Anika says the same to him. He romances by teasing her about their union. He expects her not to run from the room.

Anika’s happiness gets another break from Pinky’s side. Pinky asks Anika to take her warnings seriously. Anika asks Pinky to let her live her leftover days happily, and not interfere in her life. Anika prepares for Sangeet function. She asks Pinky not to spoil Shivay and family’s mood. Pinky sees Anika’s confidence and wonders what is Anika’s plan to win over her. Anika wants to relive her pre-marriage moments with Shivay. Anika stops caring for Pinky’s threatening. She decides to spend time with Shivay and live every second with happiness.


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