Shivay announces Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage in Ishqbaaz


Shivay explains Rudra’s scenario to the family. He tells about commissioner informing him about Rudra and Bhavya witnessing a criminal’s encounter. He makes a plan to announce Rudra’s fake marriage news, to protect them from the gangster. Shivay announces Priyanka and Ranveer’s marriage to the media. He shocks everyone by revealing Rudra’s marriage with Bhavya. Rudra and Bhavya get a grand welcome. Rudra asks Bhavya not to be scared of anything. Anika likes their pairing. Gauri says we can hope that they can really become a pairing. The Oberois celebrate Sangeet. Anika does not want to go away from Shivay. Anika spoils Shivay’s mood over a small issue, so that she can get distanced from him.

Bhavya informs commissioner about Shivay announcing the marriage news. She realizes Shivay has done this to protect Rudra. Commissioner tells his plan of attracting the gangster to them. Rudra feels the gangster will not doubt on him now. They see the police announcing in media about Rudra helping police in encounter. Omkara feels Rudra can fall in big trouble. Gauri asks Rudra not to be scared of anyone. Bhavya likes commissioner’s plan to get gangster’s attention. Bhavya gets emotional when Rudra asks her about her family. Commissioner informs Bhavya that gangster has killed the inspector who has spread the encounter news. Bhavya realizes gangster will next target Rudra and her.


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