Anika and Pinky’s face off in Ishqbaaz


Pinky gives the final warning to Anika. She tells Anika that its her last day in Oberoi mansion. She says you will be out of Shivay’s life today, I was coming to you today, you have done great drama and scolded Shivay, I did not know you will give up so much, maybe you understood you can never win over me. She tells Anika that very soon Shivay will kick her out, if Anika changes her colors this way. She asks Anika to upset Shivay more. Anika does not want Shivay to know his illegitimacy truth. She does not find any solution.

Anika tells Pinky that she does not know how she will go away, even if she leaves from house, she will always stay in Shivay’s heart and Shivay will stay in her heart. She says I will always have Shivay’s love with me, what do you have? She taunts Pinky over Shakti’s inclination towards Kamini. Anika and Pinky see Shakti and Kamini having a moment. Pinky sheds tears and feels bad for herself. Shakti’s love is getting divided again. Kamini flirts with Shakti. Pinky fails to stop Shakti. Anika tells Pinky that she will always have Shivay’s memories. Pinky is angry with Shivay, as he is Shakti and Kamini’s illegitimate child. How will Anika expose Pinky? Keep reading.


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