Piyush to reveal truth in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Dipika and Piyush pose for the photos. The photographer asks them to hold hands, stand close and smile. Dipika starts getting hiccups. She falls over Piyush. Piyush is upset to share his future with Dipika. Dipika teaches Piyush to have some filmi poses. Piyush spoils everything. He asks Dipika why is she whistling. Dipika tells him that it’s not any whistle, its her hiccups. Both of them are drunk. Their photoshoot turns funny. Dipika calls him foolish, as he never tells her that he loves her. She gets emotional. She asks him to say I love you. She starts stumbling. Piyush holds her.

Piyush realizes Dipika is drunk and talking of love. Dipika sheds tears. Piyush gives her tissues. Dipika tries to go and get water. Piyush holds her and stops. They have an eyelock. The photographer takes their picture, calling it perfect. Piyush tells Dipika that he does not love her, he does not want to marry her. Piyush tells entire truth to her. Dipika does not know if he is saying true. She is not in senses to understand anything. She starts laughing and does not understand what Piyush means to say.



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