High Five Spoilers

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: Mami had dream to get rid of Sonakshi forever. Dev is getting engaged. Dev was just playing along the family drama. He did not know he will really get engaged. Ishwari is also worried. She planned something and things aren’t going well. Dev and his would be fiancee get seated. Dev is happy seeing Suhana dancing in his engagement. Mami wanted to make Sonakshi jealous. She fails to get Sonakshi there. Mami has chosen the girl for Dev. Suhana is very happy for Dev’s engagement. Ishwari wants Dev and Sonakshi to unite again.

Veer gets angry on Rangeela. He does not like Rangeela changing his rules. Veer drinks and dances alone. Veer says Rangeela will get trapped in my plan, I will break all his security and punish him, so that coming generations get scared of me and don’t marry without my permission. Veer has caught Rangeela’s weakness. He knows how to control Rangeela by using his weakness. Rangeela is smart enough to fail Veer’s plans.

Chandrakanta and Virendra are coming close. Their romance will be seen as part of Chandrakanta’s dream sequence. Surendra’s murder blame will keep the lovers separated.

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Preeto has accepted Soumya for Harman’s sake. Harman promises Soumya that he will be always with her, and try to get the world’s happiness for her. He gets golgappas for her to celebrate their together. Soumya asks her why did he get this on dinner time. Harman wants to express his love, and gets the golgappas from the same chaat vendor who blessed them in the past. Harman and Soumya have golgappas. Harman tries to bring romance in their lives by small moments. Soumya gets happy by his gestures. Harman feeds the golgappas to her.

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
Raniben plays dandiya with her lover Lal ji. Aru breaks their romance. Aru is spying on Raniben. Aru wanted to help some girl. She was looking for the girl and reaches Raniben’s room. Raniben sees Aru coming and stops the dance. Raniben hides Lal ji in her room. Lal ji is Mukhi’s biggest enemy. Lal ji wants to take revenge from Mukhi, so he is with Raniben.


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