Ishita and Shagun’s tiff continues in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita tells the neighbors about Aaliya, who is much good valued. Bhallas do Aaliya’s Mu dikhai rasam. Aaliya lies to Ishita about Shagun calling her home for work. Ishita permits her to go. Aaliya stumbles, while the wrapped saree falls off. The neighbors see Aaliya wearing western clothes. Ishita defends Aaliya. She tells neighbors that Aaliya’s values can’t be judged by her clothes. Shagun makes an entry and shouts on neighbors for judging Aaliya.

Aaliya gets depressed when the rasam gets spoiled. She wants to cancel the dinner date with Adi. Shagun does not let Aaliya cancel her plans. Shagun gets against Ishita. The neighbors feel insulted by Shagun’s remarks. Bhallas worry for the drama. Aaliya asks Shagun why did she create the drama, when Ishita was managing things. Aaliya feels guilty. Shagun cheers up Aaliya. She does not want Aaliya’s dinner date to get ruined. Ishita learns Aaliya and Adi’s dinner plans. She asks Aaliya why did she not tell her plans, they could have postponed the rasam. Shagun and Aaliya get into an argument over the matter. Ishita turns upset. Shagun asks Aaliya not to worry for Ishita, and focus on Adi first. Ishita is hurt by Aaliya’s lies and behavior change. Raman asks Ishita to stop interfering in Adi and Aaliya’s lives. Ishita’s trust on Aaliya starts shaking.


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