Naira to open her dance academy in Yeh Rishta…


Naira succeeds in opening her dance academy by Naitik and Naksh’s support. Naitik and Naksh help her by giving the big discounts in their brands, and attract many people to enrol in Naira’s academy. Kirti helps Naira in fulfilling the academy requirements. Kirti enrolls in the academy. Everyone gets glad that Kirti is moving on in life. Kartik supports Naira. Naira thanks him for all his support. Kartik tells Dadi about Naira’s determination and how everyone helped Naira. Dadi does not get much happy. Suwarna blesses Naira and asks her not to worry for Dadi. She asks Naira to focus in her work and leave everything on Lord.

Naira learns about the competition, having solo and duet dance rounds. She did not know about the duet round. She thinks to ask Kartik about it. She sends him the mail and asks Kartik to check it. Kartik does not check well and asks her to go ahead. He lies to her that he has read everything. Naira takes it as Kartik’s yes. Manish tells Suwarna how proud and happy he feels by Kartik managing his business. Naira prepares for duet along with her friend. Kartik gets a shock seeing Naira performing with someone. Everyone compliment Naira and her dance partner. Kartik surprises Naira. Naira introduces her friend Kiran. Kartik compliments Kiran for his wonderful dancing talents. Kartik asks Naira to win the competition and fulfill her dreams. Kartik asks Naira to continue her dance rehearsals. Naira asks Dadi to bless her to succeed. Dadi blesses Naira. She sees Naira’s hardwork. Dadi gets upset knowing about Naira performing duet. Kartik plans to celebrate first month anniversary with Naira.


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