Neil and Avni to build their relation in Naamkarann


After Neil and Avni’s confrontation, Neil gets Avni home. Prakash welcomes them home. He is happy that Neil and Avni are making a new start. Bebe and Shweta are upset. They get scold Avni for running away from home. They both do not forgive Avni. Avni apologizes to them. Avni gets Prakash and Neil’s support. Prakash tells Neil how Shweta and he got married. He says Shweta was going to marry my best friend Veer, but Veer died in a car accident just before the marriage. Shweta was broken completely, she was a nice girl, so I held her hand and married her. He tells Neil that Bebe did not accept Shweta till now.

He tells the story of his past. He wants Neil to make his relation with Ananya fine and respect her. He asks Neil to keep his marriage, if he keeps the relation, he is sure the family will be united. He says Ananya is your wife, she is a nice girl, she can bring Shweta and Bebe together, forgive her for past mistakes. Neil agrees to Prakash. Neil does not want to leave Avni. Avni hears Prakash and Neil’s conversation. Neil and Avni are trying to adjust in their relation. Neil knows Avni is not culprit. He is guilty that he has always blamed her. They try to show they are together. They have a motive to put Dayavanti behind bars.


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