Avni to accept her identity truth in Naamkarann


Neil teases Avni and acts like he is buying bouquet for her. Neil is actually buying flowers for Bebe. Avni gets angry and runs to beat Neil. Neil asks her not to beat him, and falls down. Avni starts laughing. Neil and Avni have a romantic moment, when they fall down in the market, while flowers fall over them. Their love fights start, while public comments on their romance. Neil and Avni get a perfect ambiance for romance. Neil takes her to some place and tells her that his big task is getting completed now. He wants Avni to speak up the truth. He catches a girl and tells Avni that he got proof about Avni Aisha. He shows fake documents and tells Avni that he will punish Avni now.

Avni wants to save the innocent girl from getting punished. She accepts that she is Avni, she is Ashish and Aisha’s illegitimate daughter. She tells Neil that he is wrong about Avni, she did not do any crime. Neil asks do you mean the reports I have are fake. She says its all wrong, as you are wrong. She had always concealed her truth. She does not have anything to hide now. The moment stops for them. Neil was pretending till now that he does not know she is Avni. He has made this plan to make her admit truth. Avni lifts the veil from the girl’s face and gets to see DD. She understands Neil has planned this to know truth. She gets much angry on Neil. Neil apologizes to Avni and tells her that he just wants her revenge fire to end. The rains starts and cools Avni’s anger. Avni sheds tears. Neil tells her that he will get justice for her. She does not understand Neil’s intentions clearly. Avni plans to run away with Ali.


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