Piyaa Albela – Naren-Pooja’s tiff


Pooja tries influencing Naren and answers his questions about Lord. She tells him that Lord resides everywhere. He asks her where does Lord reside. She says Lord is omnipresent. He is in this idol, this sindoor and in every pure thing. Naren tells Pooja that for him, Lord is in her eyes. Pooja gets the status of Lord from Naren. She asks him not to give her Lord’s place. She says your heart has Lord, so you see Lord everywhere around you. She asks him not to give her much respect. She explains him that she is an ordinary person.

Naren promises to make her identify herself. Naren misunderstands her when she forwards the sindoor to him. Naren takes the sindoor to fill her hairline. Pooja throws the sindoor and slaps Naren. Naren gets shocked and does not know why she did this. Will Naren get back to his old path? Keep reading.


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