Woh Apna Sa – Jhanvi’s Challenge


Nisha challenges everyone that she will make their life tough. Aditya gets upset with Nisha’s behavior.Nisha acts to burn herself alive. She applies the kerosene to herself. Aditya and everyone get the kerosene smell and ask her to open the door. Nisha counts down and checks the timing before lighting the fire. Aditya rushes and saves Nisha in time. Nisha gets confident that Jhanvi can never snatch Aditya from her. Nisha did not change her misdeeds.

Nisha calls Jhanvi a third person in a husband and wife’s relation. She says you can never snatch Aditya from me. Jhanvi tells her that Nisha could not win Aditya’s love till now, how will she snatch Aditya if she never got Aditya. She says Aditya and his family are my life, none can separate them from. Jhanvi swears to change the meaning of Woh/third person between husband and wife. How will Jhanvi define the third person? Keep reading.


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