Raman feels depressed by old age remarks in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Aaliya tries to convince Mrs. Bhalla. She apologizes to her. Mrs. Bhalla forgives Aaliya. Raman feels proud of Adi’s hardwork. The client just wishes to talk to Adi. Raman feels he has got old and people are losing belief in him now. The client keeps the demand that just Adi will manage the project. He explains Raman that Adi is young and his ideas are more creative, which can connect with youth. Raman feels he is lacking in the business skills. He gets depressed and thinks of meeting Ishita.

Ishita keeps herself busy in clinic. She worries for Adi and Aaliya again. She calls Aaliya to help her out. Aaliya fails to cook prasad well. She does not have anyone to help her at home. She thinks of not seeking help from Aaliya. Raman comes to meet Ishita. Raman asks Ishita to like him always, even if he gets old and looks bad. Ishita cheers him and says everyone praise your business skills as well as looks. Adi shares his happiness with Aaliya. She does not spoil his mood by the bad news. She hides the matter. Aaliya is left with no option.


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