IshRa celebrates their new phase of life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita's arrest shocks all

Raman feels sad that people are not taking him serious in business. Ishita explains him that he is the best businessman. He tells her what clients think of him. He thinks to turn into a fashion designer and change his profession. Ishita tells him that he is meant for just doing business. She asks him to believe in himself, it’s the client’s loss. He says I don’t know why people find me old and gone. She compliments him for his looks and fresh thinking. She asks him to take Adi’s progress positively. He feels proud of Adi and Ruhi. She asks him to relax and give all duties to children. She tells him to give space to children and trust them.

She makes him understand that she is going through the same phase, as her bahu has taken her place at home. Aaliya tries finding some way to hide the burnt prasad matter. Raman understands Ishita better after feeling the same change. She tells him that things will always change for them, but they will not change. She assures that they will always be friends. Aaliya gets locked inside the house.

Raman and Ishita decide to celebrate their new phase and go for dinner. Aaliya calls Mani to seek his help. Mani helps out Aaliya by sending hotel food. Aaliya lies to Ishita about the prasad. Ishita realizes Aaliya has burnt the prasad. She gets annoyed with Aaliya for lying again. Aaliya apologizes to her. She tells her how she failed to get vegetables by getting locked at home. Ishita asks her not to lie. Ishita forgives Aaliya and asks her always to take elder’s support. Aaliya and Ishita cook the prasad again. Aaliya feels she is lucky to get a mum in law like Ishita. Ishita spreads happiness at home.


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