Anika spoils her image in Shivay’s eyes


Anika records Shivay so that she can take his memories with her. She tells him that they can have these memories with them always. He tells her that he is going to give responsibilities to Omkara and Rudra. Khanna tells Shivay that Anika has taken the papers from him. Shivay confronts Anika for her move. She intentionally spoils her image by stopping Shivay from transferring his shares to Omkara and Rudra. Shivay asks him why did she do this. Anika asks him why does he want to give his hard earned money to Omkara and Rudra, who did not do anything for the company. She says you always protect this family and do a lot, when you fall in trouble, none stands with you. Shivay asks Anika what nonsense is she saying.

Pinky gets glad and hopes Shivay will kick out Anika from the house. Anika asks Shivay not to give shares to his brothers. He tells Anika that he does not need her permission to give away everything to his brothers. Anika sounds selfish. She tells him that everyone is using him. She angers him. Pinky asks Anika not to get between the brothers. She tells Shivay that Anika separated Shivay from his mum first and now she is separating him from his brothers. Anika feels hurt by hurting Shivay. Shivay does not understand why is Anika doing this.


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